Automatic self-cleaning filter

Compact and robust filter with pressure differential switch and automatic cleaning system with filtered water and cartridge brushing with simultaneous opening of the bottom discharge valve.

  cleaning every 2-4-6-8 hours cleaning every 12-24-36-48 hours
Connections ¾" M 1" M 1"¼ M 1"½ M ¾" M 1" M 1"¼ M 1"½ M
Code FT030 FT032 FT034 FT036 FT130 FT132 FT134 FT136
Certifications The written declaration referred to in Article 15 of Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 and compiled in accordance with Annex IV of the Regulations is available upon request


ATTENTION! Data collection sheet for automatic filters

Before placing an order for a BravoMATIC filter, read, fill in and send the Data Collection Sheet for automatic filters